mini guide: williamsburg

it’s been a rough week, and only today do i actually feel like i’m clearing the fog. i had a chock-a-block schedule for work (2 separate day trips to baltimore), two mini birthday celebrations to plan for my little one (at school and home), puppy preparation (we’re collecting her tomorrow morning -yikes!), a 1st grader who really doesn’t like moving faster than molasses in the morning, an attempt to really gear up and launch a fun food-related but technically challenging website by feb. 1st (more about that later),  and to top it all off i got some kind of flu on monday on the train (not sure if it was the zaro’s black and white cookie or not, but really can’t there be better food options at penn station at 5:30 in the morning — or maybe it was my problem for choosing badly). 

needless to say, i didn’t get everything done and so here, finally, is my mini guide for williamsburg that i promised last week.   williamsburg really is a great neighborhood (not that i really need to say that).  there is so much to do, and so many places to hang out it is hard just selecting.  however, if you’re out there to bowl at the great brooklyn bowl, and want to venture out either before or after, here are some ideas a few blocks away. 


the future perfect:  cutting edge modern goodies at all price points.  service could definitely be better (forget having someone actually greet you when you come in the door, but the products are great.  115 n. 6th street near berry street, 718.599.6278.

sweet william:  fantastic, children’s clothing store.  beautiful, beautiful goods in high quality wools, cottons and a few fun toys as well.   112 n. 6th street near berry street, 718.218.6946.

catbird:  great little shop for jewelry and other knickknacks.  would be a perfect place to go for some valentine gifts.  219 bedford avenue between n. 4th and 5th streets, 718.599.3457.


egg:  i have not been here in a few years, but as usual it continues to get raves especially for the breakfast that really stretches into lunch.  eggs, and ham and even grits are the things to get.  135 n. 5th street between bedford and berry streets, 718.302.5151.

bedford cheese shop:  best little fine food shop in williamsburg. excellent selection of cheeses and meats, and lots of sweets that are hard to find anywhere else.  229 bedford avenue between n. 4th and 5th streets, 718.599.7588.

la superior:  this place has phenomenal mexican food for a pretty cheap price point.   can have some attitude but the gorditas and tacos are well worth it.  295 berry street at s. 2nd street, 718.388.5988.

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