la superior: the yummiest mexican food around


la superior was really a  treat that will keep on giving.  i am so glad i finally went to this mexican street food spot after reading all the hype here and here and here since it opened last fall.  the restaurant itself is nothing to look at it, and from what i’ve read the service and attitude could use some improving  (it was perfectly fine when i was there) but for me this place is all about the food.  i cannot wait to go back to try everything on their menu (well almost everything as one of the guys there asked me if i were an omnivore and while i do like my meats i am not the most adventuresome in that department — but if you are and like tongue or pig’s feet, apparently there are some delicious items awaiting you).


on my first visit to la superior i just had a couple things and it was all  great.   the tacos i sampled included the camarón al chipotle (sauteed shrimp with chipotle sauce) which was nice and spicy and the carne asada.  i mostly obsessed over the  gordita (pictured above), filled with ricotta cheese and mixed with cilantro andsurrounded by fried cornmeal.  it was so fresh and light that it was hard to think of it as fried.  i also had the refreshing watermelon agua fresca though it would have been really nice to have a beer (sadly they still don’t have a liquor license).   


when i return, with an entourage next time, i plan to try their jalapenos rellenos (my neighbors were loving that), checking out the many other kinds of tacos (cohinita pibil — slow cooked pork in banana leaves), the torta ahogada (apparently a classic guadalajaran disk with pork confit and sourdough bread) and the super cheesy alambre de res (grilled skirt steak with peppers, bacon and lots of chihuahua cheese).   so much food, so little time.  la superior, 295 berry street at s 2nd street, brooklyn, new york, 718.388.5988.

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  1. justcooknyc says:

    I’m a big fan of this place too. The weird thing is that a friend read about it when I wrote a “review” on my blog, and he even commented to say that he didn’t think it was so great. And this guy is a serious foodie, so I thought maybe my judgement was off. But I loved it. Glad to find another fan. And here is my old post.

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