taco matamoros: taco delight

sunset park spot tacos matamoros is nothing special from the inside or out.  a plain box, a t.v. on in the background, and a little bit dark.  but the tacos were excellent.   i got a few different kinds (sorry i’m not that adventuresome so i didn’t try all those stomach parts) and stuck to the various porks and chicken.  the corn tortillas were excellent. i have no idea how to get them so soft, warm and pliant (whenever i warm them up at home i can’t seem to match this technique), the fresh tomatillo sauce was spicy, the toppings of onions and greens added a nice brightness to the dish.  the ratio of meat to tortilla (two tortillas per taco) also seemed perfect.  we got a side of guacamole and for not being made that very instant (in that it was a little cool) it was still quite good and chunky.

we got a few other dishes including the flautas (not so great though they photographed better than the tacos which just looked like “mush”) and the enchiladas (maybe a wee bit heavy) but the price is right, and i think if you stick just to tacos you’ll be happy. and of course it is incredibly cheap.  so while the red hook trucks might have better overall tacos (and i have to go try them out again this year, especially the country boys/martinez taco truck), for speed (there was no wait here), and for satisfying a taco craving all year round, tacos matamoros is a very good option.  tacos matamoros, 4508 5th avenue between 45th and 46th streets, brooklyn, new york, 718.871.7627.

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