a short but perfect season

hi all. we’re getting ready for a busy next few days with k’s 7th birthday party tomorrow which feels a little odd as we’re having it a month early so we can capture her friends before they begin their vacations.  my big goal for the weekend is to bake a cherry pie, hopefully with sour cherries but any will do.  i always seem to miss the one or two weeks that those cherries are available, but i’m determined not do to that this summer.  i really would like to go to brooklyn brainery’s pie crust workshop on monday — how fun would that be to get a super perfect crust.

and although i wasn’t able to get my great interview with kiosk up and running today, i was excited to do a guest post over at the great blog pretty mommy all about my everyday obsessions, and i also posted a short summary of all my favorite shops on the new fun and useful website brooklyn exposed.  hope you all have a super great weekend.   image via: ekelly80 via flickr.

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