liberty sunset garden center: the perfect setting for some green


although i have spared this post, i went a little camera happy at this gorgeous gardening spot located out in red hook, brooklyn.  the liberty sunset garden center is very close to fairway, and even closer to steve’s authentic keylime pies (yum) as well as to perch! design’s small outpost for some of their ceramics.  on a shopping expedition for gallons of various cleaning products at fairway, k and i stopped by a week ago to see what was there.  we first went to the inside part of this garden center which i had been to a while ago, and i was a bit baffled as to the appeal of this cavernous space.  yes, it was big, and had lots of green big plants and pots and even a waterfall and pond, none of it was quite my style, and i actually thought some of the plants looked a little bedraggled (granted i don’t really  know anything about plants so who’s to say what i know.)


with k leading the way jumping up and over rocks and sculptures, we finally figured out where the action was, in the outdoor section of liberty sunset and that area was fantastic.  rows upon rows of beautiful flowers and plants including  compact pink innocence, echeveria black knight, snapdragons, dahlinovas (pictured up top) to my favorites azaleas.  they also had tremendous varities in the herb collection.  i never knew that there were so many kinds of sage — nazareth sage, sage berggarten, sage tri-color and sage pineapple, and then these kinds of mints: mint kentucky, mint orange, mint variegated peppermint and mint golden ginger.  


it was all enough for me to really crave having a house rather than this relativelly crammed apartment (even if we know nothing about how to take care of a yard).  red hook, not surprisingly, with its urban spaciousness and the calm that comes with being near the water, has become home to a few other nurseries including the gowanus nursery and chesea garden center — though i don’t think either has the charm of liberty sunset garden center — they are there as a back up in case you don’t find what you need.  for me the trouble at liberty sunset was limiting my picks.  liberty sunset garden center, 204-207 van dyke street (at the most western edge of the street at pier 41, brooklyn, new york, 718.858.3400.

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  1. Sharona May says:

    Beautiful pictures – great flowers.

    Sharona May

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