made by molly: a good thing it’s only a sunday thing


available just around the corner from our house at the weekly  park slope farmers’ market, the dream coconut bar from made by molly is rather excellent.  with the lightest of graham cracker crusts, the bars have an ideal amount of toasted coconut with condensed milk and bits of milk chocolate here and there.  i’m guessing these bars also have plenty of butter and maybe even some added sugar but whatever it is the mix is perfect.  i have tried various recipes for coconut bars but each time they may satisfy that craving but they’re too heavy or too rich, or worse, both.  the key with molly’s dream bars is to make sure to eat them on day one otherwise they too get a little chewy and are not quite as satisfying.  waiting too long, however, has never been my problem.


although those dream bars are my main obsession, made by molly has lots of other worthy treats.  another favorite of mine is the  incredibly rich cherry cream scone.  other goodies include brown sugar brownies, walnut brownies, vanilla sugar cookies, lime cornmeal cookies, katie’s oatmeal cream pies, chocolate pecan chubbies, chocolate cherry chunkers, peanut butter cremes and really fluffy homemade marshmallows.  made by molly also sells amy’s bread baguettes and rounds as well as some of their specialty items like the sourdough twists with chocolate.   


we are fortunate that this is the third summer that made by molly has been selling baked goods  at our local market.  though i cannot say it has been good for my goal of getting back in shape post baby (and really i have no excuse since s is getting close to 3 years old) .   the owners behind made by molly are based in astoria and someday hope to open up a bakery there – i can only hope they keep making the trek out to brooklyn even though my belly is not so happy about that.  made by molly, park slope farmers’ market, 5th avenue and 3rd street, brooklyn, new york, open from the end of may through december.

3 Responses to “made by molly: a good thing it’s only a sunday thing”

  1. Alfred Wagner says:

    There is a rumor that you have dynamite german butter cake. Is this true.

  2. Tomtir says:

    She calls it Saint Louis Gooey Butter Cake. But get there early it is one of her faster moving items.

  3. Just Human says:

    Just “Made by Molly” brownie is so good that I trek all the way to get it last Sunday and they were not there. It’s the only reason I will even go to Park Slope these days…
    Wish their website was working. I wanted to tell them I can’t find a brownie at any other market stand or bakery i actually like or even look appealing to even purchase because I am a finky eater I know.

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