fat witch: just a wee bit of fatty


indulging in a fat witch is yet another of my long-time favorite treats, and even though they have been mentioned by oprah don’t be put off.   the classic brownie is really good if you like fudgie but not too dense, and i also like the red witch which comes with dried cherries.  i have not tried some of their other flavors which don’t sound as appealing ( a snow witch is all white chocolate and there is also a breakfast witch with oatmeal, walnuts and coffee).


i prefer the fat witch babies, at 1.5 ounces, they are a little more manageable and don’t make you feel like you need to go run an extra 10 miles.   the tins are very cute for gift giving, and they’re a nice keeper for future cookie batches.  fat which bakery,  located in chelsea market, 15th street and 9th avenue, manhattan, new york, 888.419.4824, and they say they will be opening a harlem location at 1753 park avenue in spring of 2009.

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  1. eg says:

    If you can’t make it to Chelsea Market, Fat Witch also makes brownie mix (even though I make brownies from scratch). They have it at Whole Foods.

  2. cherrypatter says:

    great. thanks for confirming this. i had seen some references but then since we don’t have any local whole foods wasn’t able to check it out! curious how the box is.

  3. Stephy says:

    Hi!! I’m a student from spain, doing a work about brownies market in NY for the university, and i’ll like to know.. if you can give me some information about how is the market? if is a product very successfull etc..

    I will very gratefull if you can provide me this information to my email

    Thank you

  4. brownies says:

    You can get the same results as the ‘baby’ brownies by cutting a regular sized brownie into quarters … or less.

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