a fondant success

just a few notes about our very busy weekend before i head back tomorrow to regular food and shop reports.   k’s birthday party  at construction kids was a success, with the kids going crazy with hammers and nails for two very loud hours (i did not think to “disinvite” parents to the  event but next time — if there is one — definitely).  i was very pleased with myself for as to how the “saw” cake turned out — my first ever experience with fondant.  two layers of brownies, covered with lots of super sweet buttercream frosting, and then the fondant for the silvery part looked pretty darn cool thanks to advice from here.  all those 7-year olds went wild. adults were warned to just eat the inner sections.

on the not so fun side of the weekend, this creature somehow ate a plate of 12 very chocolate cookies at her babysitters leading to hours at the vet hospital (chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs apparently).  she’s now home and seems completely fine, fortunately.  it just means our bank account is  much lighter and she of course is not starving.  despite all that, daddy day was fairly mellow, with brunch here, book shopping here, and lots of outdoor water action for the kids which was a good thing as it was one hot and humid sunday.

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