three lives & company: the last of the book shops


as is true all over the country, new york has seen its share of independent book stores shrink and many of the great ones have disappeared (like my old favorite coliseum books).   so for the few that are left – the ones that i really love —  i try as hard as i can to be loyal.  unfortunately the two book shops closest to me in brooklyn both seem to allow animals to hang out at the shop and i am just not a fan (and not  just because i am super allergic to cats) so i always head into manhattan for my book fix.


i have a few favorites, and of those i will always have a special spot in my heart for three lives & company which was the first real book shop i discovered after moving here and given that i had never had money to buy books in the past it became a real luxury for me to browse here.    the shop is located in an area of the village that i think of as quintessential new york (the windy streets, the quaint shops, the gorgeous brownstones) so it is always a pleasure to wander in the neighborhood.  And then the shop itself has great staff  (i can always get a great suggestion) and a fantastic collection.   filled with lots of classics and travel books as well as a great highly edited selection of the best in fiction and nonfiction, it is virtually impossible for me to leave three lives without at least one purchase.   three lives & company, 154 west 10th street at waverly street, manhattan, new york, 212.741.2069.

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