new york cake and baking distributor: how to bake almost anything

if you’ve been reading this site for a while, you might have noticed my small obsession with sweet baked treats — crullers, imitation hostess cupcakesfresh jelly donuts and coconut bars among many others.   in addition to seeking out all these goodies around town, i also like to bake.  maybe not as well as some of my favorite spots, but usually good enough to satisfy the kids in the house.  i do have to thank the magnolia bakery for their excellent, very easy, very sweet recipes that are perfect for the under 10 crowd, and as an added bonus you don’t have to go into their shop.  i’m also a big fan of dorie greenspan’s failure-proof recipes and i’m excited to visit her pop-up cookiebar next week too. 

when i need to find that perfect cookie cutter, or figure how exactly i will make a pirate ship or a back hoe cake, i often stop by the expansive new york cake and baking distributor shop on west 22nd street which has been around for at least 25 years, and this place has everything you could ever even think you might need for baking. since i am no icing expert, i typically stick to the obvious like every color of sprinkle imaginable, rich hues for coloring icing and lots and lots of cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes.   the new york cake and baking shop has much more including hundreds of different molds for cakes, pastry tips in all sizes, fondants, doilies, piping gels, all the tools for making chocolate , extracts of all flavors, and the list goes on.

don’t expect much help when you visit the new york cake and baking shop.  my typical experience with staff there has been brusque if not rude.  they might help you if you’re lucky but fortunately there are so many other people there on a similar mission that you should get at least one shopper’s advice if you need it.  new york cake and baking distributor, 56 west 22nd street between 5th and 6th avenues, manhattan, new york, 212.675.2253.

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  1. LOVE this spot, i always try to go when i’m in nyc. i’m all about those colored sprinkles – nothing like that here in zürich for sure! and so fun to look at all the wacky shaped molds they have and funky things people buy. great pics! i have tons of pictures from there too, i’ll have to post about it one day too! :)

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