baked, again, but for good reason: the hostess cupcake


i know.  it’s not really necessary to showcase the wonderful bakery baked yet again, but i couldn’t help myself as this weekend k and i went on a red hook outing and of course had to see what baked had on offer. and yes, i was very pleased they had these hostess imitation cupcakes i had tried a few weeks ago.  i used to love those hostess cupcakes (and the snoballs were also a favorite, and the brighter the color the better) and would get them every chance i could but as i got older i just knew  that i shouldn’t be eating that stuff  at least that often because who knew what was in there. 


but these cupcakes are much easier to justify.  homemade with a little darker chocolate and the inside gooey filling, these baked hostess cupcakes are a little less sweet making them an easy buy for the three of us in the family who love chocolate and treats.  baked, 359 van brunt street between wolcott and dikeman streets, brooklyn, new york, 718.222.0345. 

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