ps9 supplies: a good place for hipsters to outfit their pets


a good pet store seems to be really hard to find. i have been on the lookout for quite a while, and though i found this super fancy spot in manhattan, it’s a little too highly managed, and given that i really have a thing for big dogs, didn’t seem like the place for me. part of it i am sure is that we have yet to make the plunge and get a dog so i don’t know the animal world.  but that day is coming. we have promised the kids that we will have a dog, a big black dog, in the house by next january. maybe not the best time of year to have a puppy but we need a reason to be cheery as winter rolls along.


in the meantime, i came across ps9 pet supplies in williamsburg, a super cute, stylish but not too over-the-top pet shop serving mostly cats and dogs with a few rabbits and bird things.  they had some doggy clothing (bandannas, rain jackets and sweatshirts) though that is not the big focus. ps9 is mostly about high quality basics: good looking collars, leashes, drinking bowls and dog beds.  i particularly loved this eicrate designed by peter pracillo for designgo!, and the very cute, all natural wool cat toys called paca pets (the alpaca family is my favorite).


ps9 also carries premium and super premium food options with an emphasis on organic including the brands evo (grain-free, whatever that means, and ps9′s best seller for dogs), natural balance, wellness and merrick pet foods (and i love the names of these — what dog could resist cowboy cookout, wilderness blend, grammmy’s pot pie or turducken).  ps9 also has some frozen treats like stella & chewy’s, primal pet foods  and nature’s variety as well as raw bones. i’m excited to come back in the winter to get ready for the new family pet!  ps9 pet supplies, 169 n. 9th street between bedford and driggs avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.486.6465.

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