baked: the best bakery treats in the borough


 i have an enormous sweet tooth. i don’t know where i got it, but i definitely know that i have unfortunately passed down this trait to at least one child so we’ll she if she is as crazy as i am.  as a result, i am constantly on the search for the best brownie, the best cupcake, the best ice cream — whatever  — and i will hunt for that item as long as i need to and the more difficult to find the more obsessed i become.  take for example, my obsession with rocky road ice cream from edy’s.  granted, this ice cream really is nothing special and if we lived in ohio i am sure that i would be all over it by now because i could get it every single day.  but for whatever reason, new york supermarkets do not carry it on a consistent basis and i have even gone so far as to email edy’s to understand why and of course got a completely nonresponsive answer.  to solve my problem, i convinced j. that we really needed a second freezer in our tiny apartment  so that we could store extra tubs of this stuff when we found it.  j reluctantly agreed so now this baby freezer lives in our bedroom along with the garage of tricycles, scooters, and bikes from the kids. very romantic i know.


and yes these easter bunnies are a bit out of date but they were so cute and devilish i couldn't resist

now, getting to the point of this post is that i have found my favorite bakery in all of brooklyn and maybe all of new york at least for the basics like cookies and cupcakes.  baked, located in red hook which is also one of my favorite neighborhoods, has extremely delicious goodies.  while i used to adore the cupcakes at magnolia bakery many moons ago pre sex and the city madness, i have somehow outgrown that sweetness (and way less than pleasant service), and now appreciate slightly more interesting flavors like baked’s sweet and salty version that combines dark chocolate with a salty caramel frosted with a caramel chocolate ganache and sprinkled with fleur de sel. i also like their malted cupcake with a white cake flavored with malt and then covered with a malted chocolate ganache and topped with a malt ball.  they have a bunch of other nonchocolate flavors too like caramel apple, citrus coconut and hazelnut kiss.  we have had their cakes and cupcakes at both kids birthday parties where they are always a hit with parents and kids.

 baked also has great brownies. unsurprisingly, i am quite addicted to the sweet and salty dark chocolate version and these i can get fairly easily in other parts of brooklyn including grab and blue apron so i’m all set there.  they have lots of other treats including grasshopper bars, and lately they have been making these “baked” cupcakes which look like the packaged version of the hostess cupcakes but they say baked in cursive on top and have lovely fillings inside in different colors like pink and a special green on st. patricks day.  these have become my latest obsession and of course they don’t have them every day keeping them just out of my reach to be sure they are on my must have list.   i have already had two of these in the past few weeks (and i do not live anywhere near red hook) so needless to say i will be back for more of those.  if you don’t live nearby, they have recently published a cookbook that looks delectable so i may have to try that out.  now my only wish is that they would upgrade their coffee machine.    baked, 359 van brunt street between wolcott and dikeman streets, brooklyn, new york, 718.222.0345.

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Allison says:

    I LOVE Baked! My husband and I had their cupcakes at our weeding instead of a wedding cake. Although we had an assortment, my favorite is definitely the sweet and salty – so so good!!

    I moved to Berekely from Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn a few months ago, and I haven’t found anything yet that comes close to Baked. I really miss my Sunday morning bike ride to Baked for coffee, a cupcake (or whoopie pie – also to die for), and some great people-watching. Thanks for the post!

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