high*way: a little edgy, a lot cute


high*way, which has been in nolita since before it became so crazy, when things were a bit more affordable and a bit more fun, is still around carrying these great, reasonable and stylish bags in all shapes and sizes.  mostly flat with lots of zippers and pouches, the bags that jem filippi designs for high*way are super useful and functional and often make good presents as they come in an array of sizes.  in addition to basic purses, they also carry coin purses as well as really cute laptop bags (if only i hadn’t already splurged on one).   most of the bags are made of a lightweight nylon that doesn’t feel flimsy, and will last and last.


although you can get high*way bags all over the the web, including moma, as usual i prefer their small shop on one of my favorite blocks in manhattan with trees lining each side, lots of other good shopping, and even a little good eating nearby.   high*way, 238 mott street between prince and spring streets, manhattan, new york, 212.966.4388.

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