journelle: pretty little things


although i tend to be quite particular about my clothes and shoes, i have not treated my underthings as kindly, mostly because i am just less willing to splurge in the lingerie department.  however, i am slowly but surely coming around and gaining the understanding that yes, it is equally important to have beautiful undies and beautiful blouses and not just one or the other (and the gap just is not good enough these days).  fortunately, i have discovered journelle, which i think will be the perfect spot for me to begin this massive upgrade.  


opened in 2007, and located just off the mall-like shopping available on the 5th avenue corridor between 23rd street and  14th street — and across the street from one of my favorite speedy lunch spots, ennjujournelle has a great collection of lingerie at all price points and in all styles.  i was first taken by these cotton slips/ lounge wear amulette and lola haze pictured up top.  i love how they are in these candy colors like hot pink, yellow and turquoise, and the styling reminds me of the cutest tennis skirts.  i think i should get a few of these right now. 


my last bra shopping expedition was a disaster.  i won’t mention the store, but since i can never figure out what fits me, i ended up at the salesgirl’s mercy, and her recommendations were terrible.  as a result, i now have a bunch of ill fitting bras and that really is such a bummer.    by the time i figured out that these bras were not meant for someone with my body type (and of course i bought a huge supply), it was way too late to return them and i had stupidly already cut off all the tabs.   not fun!


so now, at least, i know where to go to get my bra collection on track.   journelle is filled with beautiful bras of all types that not only looked great, but they were not crazy expensive.  the brands included myla, guia la bruna,  kenzo,  huit lingerie, si belle, eberjey, caprice and elle mcpherson’s.  and while i have not actually tried anything on at journelle, the store has luxurious fitting rooms — roomy with good mirrors and lighting, and from most of the yelp reports it looks like pretty perfect service; helpful, stylish, but not too pushy and not intimidating.  journelle, 3 east 17th street between 5th avenue and broadway, manhattan, new york, 212.255.7800.

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