pambazos at tacos xochimilco: pure oozy, spicy, joy in a sandwich

mexican sandwich 1

although we don’t live terribly far from sunset park, we don’t take advantage of the neighborhood the way we should and that is definitely our loss, especially in the latino food department.   a few weeks ago i headed to the family-run and super affordable  frame it brooklyn to take care of our latest home purchases  –  beautiful, map cutouts from famille summerbelle that we got in perfect condition from the sweet bodie and fou shop.   this trip was an excellent an excuse to head further south and venture down 5th avenue to the heart of mexican food in new york.   inspired by new york food guy’s excellent assessment of the options, i headed for tacos xochimilco and ordered the pambazo, or a mexican sandwich.

mexican roses

tacos xochimilco was pretty empty on my visit (well, it was the middle of the afternoon).   the space is also pretty barren (more like a deli) though i thought the blue roses were a nice touch.   i got served right away, and the pambazo was clearly made when ordered and it was amazing. i have never had one of these things before. the pambazowas served on a super soft roll.   it was oozy, and gooey, and basically a huge mess to eat.  filled with mayonnaise, lettuce, potatoes, onions and then covered in a spicy chilesauce with queso fresco, the pambazo is a filling creature.  there might have been some refried beans in there as well — it was hard to tell as it was a jumble in there.   whatever. this thing was delicious and i was stuffed. after making the trek, i was sad i didn’t have enough room to do a proper taste test of the competing tamale stands right outside the shop.  just need to go again soon i guess.    tacos xochimilco restaurant, 45-01 5th avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.435.7600.

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