in god we trust: high style at low prices

s. and i are off to chicago saturday morning, and in the rush to try and get ready for that (3 travels in one week make for one unhappy clam), my post lagged today but alas, here it is before we head out. in god we trust is one shop that i really cannot believe i have not discovered until now, and only because we were killing time before paulie gee’s out in greenpoint did i even walk inside. in god we trust is super affordable, super stylish, and just a super sweet store filled with women’s and some men’s clothing. in god we trust designs most of the collection themselves, and have it manufactured locally in the garment district (good for them!).

i became instantly smitten by the canvas and leather navy bag above by billykirk, and it is now happily hanging in my closet with a few test runs complete with laptop, magazines and other stuff, it is a winner. the staff was sweet, patient and mostly calm with a 6 and 3 year-old moseying around, and the price was right.

in god we trust also has plenty of very affordable jewelry (which they also make themselves) and hugely cute and cheap sunglasses at $20 a pop. they have a nice little selection of shoes too, some from marais (two girls in brooklyn), and they’re sporting some generic surplus canvas boat shoes for the boys that have been a big hit so far. if you need something new for spring, and want to be local, i think in god we trust fits the bill. in god we trust, 135 wythe avenue between brooklyn, 388.2012; 153 ludlow between stanton and rivington, 212.228.1055; 265 lafayette, 212.966.9010; both in manhattan.

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