eton: crispy and juicy dumplings, in brooklyn at last


having spent a year in china years ago, i constantly crave really great chinese food and it is just tough to get in brooklyn.   i have been checking sunset park out slowly and will continue to do so but so far nothing there has been too exciting.  last summer, on one of our many outings to the fantastic red hook pool (when will those days come again?), we checked out eton.  this teeny tiny spot on henry and sackett was perfect.   having just gone back last week, i could not believe i had waited more than six months to return. 

made from scratch, these super crisp and juicy dumplings were only $3.50 for five and they were served with homemade hoisin sauce.   eton also has chicken and vegetarian dumplings and usually offer at least one special dumpling such as chicken and mushrooms or lump crab and corn.   for sweets, they serve bubble tea, and in the summer time they have hawaiian shave ices in flavors like agave and grape which are just too much fun.    i am definitely not waiting for the warm weather for my next order.   eton, 205 sackett at henry street, brooklyn, new york, 718.222.2999.

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