blue bag: bags galore


trying to keep to a budget, i have amazingly not purchased a new bag for nearly two years which definitely might be a record.  however, i was not able to hold out after a visit to blue bag a few weeks ago.  this great shop carries a constantly revolving collection of purses in all shapes, colors, fabrics and importantly price points from a large number of designers from around the world. 


the french owners always show pieces from france including monserat de lucca and velvetine and recently they have showcased a hip up-and-coming  argentinian designer helena de natalio.  american designers include rashel nasvick (who has even made it to brooklyn) and one of my favorites hayden-harnett handbags (which are in theory also available at target  though their best stuff is “in store” and we know what that means in nyc — forget it). 


blue bag’s spring collections will have lots of colors, shimmery fabrics and fringe.   and i of course could not leave without indulging myself in a beautiful poof of a white leather bag from the japanese firm laugoa marked down more than 75% to just around $100.  now that put me in the mood for spring.  blue bag, 266 elizabeth street between houston and prince, manhattan, new york, 212.966.8566.

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