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i travel a lot in my day job and as a result i am always thinking about how to balance lugging around a lot of stuff including a computer, masses of papers and some entertainment for those long days waiting and waiting and waiting to get home.   for the longest while, especially when i was shuffling to chicago weekly from laguardia (fortunately those trips are over) my best bet was my trusted tumi — boring but incredibly reliable and hardcore for all that jostling for a spot on the plane.

now that my travel is a bit more reasonable, and more like a day here and there so i don’t need to worry so much about my stuff and maybe i’m just a wee bit more sensitive to how i look as i trek through the likes of pittsburgh and baltimore with luggage, i have discovered the great style of hayden-harnett, two designers based in greenpoint where there great original store is located.  i am particularly smitten with their paule marrot editions of travel totes like the one pictured above.  and although i haven’t yet made the splurge, these super cute, and super functional bags would definitely brighten up my days so one of these is on the must purchase list.   i have already gotten myself one of their very functional, super light , quite affordable backpacks that nicely fits all my heavier things and i don’t hurt my back at the same time — nice.


hayden-harnett has lots of other great bags including shoulder bags, satchels and clutches.  they have plenty of very cute accessories too like wallets, coin purses, luggage tags and key chains.  at the newer nolita store which opened this spring hayden-harnett also offers a bunch of gift ideas from other brands like digby & iona jewelry and yee-haw industries stationery.     


and they also design some clothes though that is definitely not the mainstay of the company. i thought those blouses above were quite cute, and some other fun dresses.   and although they no longer seem to be designing for target at some great price points (let’s hope that comes back), there are always some kind of sales or promotions on at hayden-harnett, especially if you follow them on twitter.  right now on the website though there are definitely some great deals on dresses, swimsuits (so cute!), shoes and even a couple of boots and of course lots of bags and totes.  hayden-harnett, 211 franklin street at freeman street, brooklyn, new york, 718.349.2247; 253 elizabeth street near houston street, manhattan, new york, 212.334.2247.

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  1. Elaine says:

    I love your blog! Great pics, good info, good cross referencing. I will keep on reading.

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