waterpod project: an environment onto itself


the waterpod projecthas been floating around new york since the beginning of the summer, and last week i got to take grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins aboard to check out this self-sustaining art colony when it was docked off of joralemon street in brooklyn.   the waterpod project is an ambitious idea created by a group of artists who wanted to be able to live mostly off this floating entity, eat most of their food from there (personally, i really loved the chickens on board), and also engage in various art projects both for themselves and for others.


sustainability is a big theme of the waterpod project. the floating structure is made out of recycled and reused materials.  apparently the some of the metal for the domed structure came from equus, that horsey play on broadway with a naked harry potter (at least something from that somewhat bizarre theater experience is going to good use).  the waterpod projectalso produces its own power through a vertical wind turbine, solar pv panels and bicycle power. 


a few of the creators live on board, and there are rotating artists who come by for weeks  or a few months at a time.  apparently, life is not all fun and games aboard the waterpod project.  there is lots of work to keep it going. not too much downtime to enjoy the view or be creating art work but i’m sure it’s fun, or at least fun to chat about.  the whole toilet system is another story – and that’s for those of you dedicated to some serious composting.    waterpod project: for the next two weeks, from august 18th to the 31st, they’ll be in staten island near the atlantic salt festival.  for the first two weeks of september, from the 1st to the 14th, they’ll be at the world’s fair in queens.   see their schedule for more details.

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