save khaki: perfectly edited men’s collection


as i have mentioned before, although j does like to have nice clothing and to look smart, he is is not really the best clothing shopper.  he has a super hard time deciding what he likes, and then that makes deciding what to buy even harder if not possible.   as a result many months and really years can go by without a wardrobe upgrade other than the few random pieces he gets here and there (and i do like to indulge him in the occasional seize sur vingt off the rack shirts).    given that i don’t think he and i had gone on a summer shopping spree since pre k (that is at least six years ago), it was about time that we upgraded j’s shrunken, holey shirts and way too old and ratty shorts.


so this spring, after i finally was able to check save khaki  out in their quaint, comfortable shop in the lower east side, i thought this was place was perfect for a solo shopping expedition. i could just send j unaccompanied because everything is so basic and pared down but still stylish and looks good.  focusing on cotton goods, save khaki only has a few styles of short sleeve shirts, one more long sleeve style of shirt and then just a few pair of shorts.   and while they have a few other items like hoodies, swimsuits and boxers, i thought that wouldn’t distract j from his mission.   i also really loved save khaki’s different fabrics and the simplicity of the styles.  the all cotton shirts were incredibly soft and silky and the shorts had a brushed cotton look that i assumed would look great on him, and they had some fun colors — nothing wild mind you — but some turquoises and orange.   and it didn’t hurt that some the new brand (started in 2006) has obviously gotten a lot of play being carried at such hot spots as barneys and even featured in gq as one of the year’s best new menswear american designers.



 so of course i was a little too optimistic.  j returned from his save khaki journey with not a thing.   discouraged by the muted tones (he does love crazy colors), he had failed to try on anything.    fortunately, a few weeks ago we were able to go back together so that i could show him what he had missed.  with just a little bit of prodding, he made his way to the dressing room, and we left with a new summer wardrobe which even included a frayed pair of shorts  — shocking.   this boy is now one happy clam.  he loves the save khaki short sleeve shirts (so luxurious, so cool looking and so not fussy) and the shorts look great.  and i have even gotten him to get rid of a few of the old pairs which is a minor miracle.  

while i don’t think the fit at save khakiis for everyone (and j hasn’t tried their signature slim fit khakis yet) –  at the shop i noticed another more hunky guy’s shirts seemed a little too tight — i know that for j’s skinny upper body build that i cannot wait for save khaki’s fall collection of cashmere sweaters and lightweight jackets. i think we may have finally found our “go to” menswear casual shop.  save khaki, 327 lafayette street at bleeker street, 212.925.0134; and 254 broome street at orchard street, 212.614.7283, manhattan, new york.

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