lincoln and new york: new-york historical society

matthew brady, carte de visite, new york, 1860, gilder lehrman collection at new york historical society
lincoln standing for a portrait before a speech at cooper union. matthew brady, carte de visite, new york, 1860, reproduction, gilder lehrman collection at new-york historical society

i only occasionally read up on history, and only when the books are really really good (like this one) so i am no presidential expert.   but for my top 3 presidents, lincoln always seems to make the list shockingly.   now i only wish i knew if he were actually as good as his reputation.   i am sure when i have hours and hours to myself i will catch up on all the great lincoln analysis out there, but for now, i thought this new-york historical society exhibit which shows how lincoln owed his political success to the empire state might be kind of fun.   who knew lincoln and new york were connected?

lincoln's funeral at city hall, stereograph at new-york historical society

lincoln's funeral at city hall. stereograph at the new-york historical society.

 the exhibit looks nice and scholarly so in an hour or so you too can be an expert in how lincoln really shaped the development of new york (he might be terribly disappointed if he knew how our governance was going these days), and what new york did for him.  and to take a break from all that seriousness though fascinating stuff, i’ve highlighted some great food options and even a little interesting shopping in the “independent shop” challenged upper west side in my mini guide below.  lincoln and new york, new-york historical society, 170 central park west near 77th street, manhattan, new york, 212.873.3400.

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