whimsy & spice: a little spice with your valentine


i am always hopeful that i will get my act together weeks ahead of whatever holiday is coming up, and sadly now that we have two little critters, i seem to have a harder and harder time doing that.  one of my goals this year was to be a bit better, and fortunately that opportunity has come along with these incredible treats.   whimsy & spice brooklyn confectioners has just come out with these gorgeous, puffy, want-to-squeeze rosy vanilla marshmallows.  in honor of all things heart, they have also created a linzer cookie flavored with pink peppercorns and filled with a tart red currant jam as well as these chocolate earl grey hearts which i cannot wait to try.


our neighbors mark sopchak and jenna park (full disclosure of course, though i have to say it does not affect my opinion one bit as i am one fussy baked goods eater — just ask j) started whimsy & spice last year and the business focuses on handmade treats with intriguing combinations of spices.   my obsession has been their perfectly-sized rich and fudgie espresso brownie with dulce de leche and i also love their brown sugar gingerspice shortbread cookies.  and if you’re looking for more valentine ideas, they are also selling some very cute looking printable recipe cards.  if you don’t happen to live across the courtyard, you can find their goods on etsy and some local spots like union marketstinky bklyn and others listed here.

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  1. margy says:

    For the kids for Valentine’s day, I thought I would try to finish up the gifts I planned to make for Christmas, but this looks better. Yum!

  2. jr says:

    And I can confirm that we pay full-price for these delectable goodies – and those espresso brownies are heavenly!

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