sweet william: gorgeous and organic goodies for the smaller set

sweet william red jacket

i cannot believe that this post will be my absolutely first one on a true children’s and baby clothing store.  i think i must have subconsciously decided that i shouldn’t be visiting these kinds of shops, especially as my oldest k just cannot fit into these gorgeous clothes anymore (now that she’s 6 we are in a whole other shopping experience, and it is not fun).  but i have been missing out big time.   i visited sweet william first this summer and was absolutely smitten.  the clothes are amazing. not too frilly, or cutesy, but everything in the store was of fantastic quality.  the color scheme was perfect too — bold red, hot pink, lots of navy, grey and brown, and almost no light pink or light blue, my least favorite kid colors of all time.  

sweet william purples

sweet william’s owner, bronagh staley who was recently profiled, used to work at the sadly departed cookie magazine as a fashion editor, and as much as liked the clothes in the magazine, i like them even more at her shop.   she picks out really great looking pieces, with lots of european brands, that kids will like to wear but which are made of organic materials. classic but not boring seems to be the theme.  i really loved the fantastic puffy jackets in navy and silver by mini rodini, and for girls there were fun faux fur jacket.   sweet william had the cutest knit hats and mittens in bright reds, yellows and greys by the likes of makie.

sweet william dolls

sweet william had some amazing striped blue and pink cashmere sweaters, pink knit sweaters by mormor.nu from denmark, and other knits by dagmar daley.   blouses by devon rose and great t-shirts by nico.  to keep warm, there were also some one-piece long johns in grey and red that i might just have to get s.

sweet william animal

and last but not least the toys.  my favorite current stuffed toy maker is i golfini della nonna, and sweet william had plenty from that maker.  the shop also had some great chains of elephants by airdeje that you could use as decoration or would be good with those under two (we had something similar that our neighbors brought back from india and they were a huge hit.)   there were also a small selection of beautiful wooden alphabet blocks and a menagerie of buffaloes, leopards, ostriches, llamas and others creatures by hansa.

i think i will need a few more trips to williamsburg to stock up at sweet william before my son (turning 3 new year’s eve) also outgrows this perfect shop.  sweet william, 112 n. 6th street near berry street, brooklyn, new york, 718.218.6946.

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