bank street books: the great advice place for children


 i don’t think that it is really possible to say enough great things about the bank street bookstore.  the staff here are just phenomenal.  what’s amazing about them is not just that they are super friendly and nice but they know their collections inside and out.  i took k here a few weeks ago, and asked for some help selecting some fun chapter books – they had to be not too scary and definitely not girly but have lots of story.    the woman who helped us (she definitely looked like she could be a student) was up to the task as she gave us detailed descriptions of book after book after book.   her knowledge was indepth and impressive, and now that we have read some of the selections k has been enthralled with the picks as they were right on.    and this has been my consistent experience with bank street.  when k was first born, i was a bit desperate and so called them for some music advice — songs that might be soothing but also would not make me cringe.   and despite listening them for hours on end, the local artists they introduced me to (elizabeth mitchell and wendy gelsanliter among others) have continued to rotate on our favorites list.    i don’t really think there is another book store in the big city of new york (and i really have been to them all) where you can get such amazing advice.  friends who go here also report consistently the same experience, so really if you need children’s books, cds or whatever, this is the place to go.  bank street bookstore, 2879 broadway near 112th street, manhattan, ny, 212.678.1654.

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