lula’s sweet apothecary: for the vegan in all of us


i confess, i am not a vegan, and probably could never ever be a vegan unless i had some incredibly deadly allergy that prevented me from eating all those forbidden treats like milk, cheese and eggs. however, if i were, lula’s sweet apothecary is the place i would head every summer afternoon. and clearly, i would not be alone. on the sunday we visited a few weeks ago, we got there bang on at 3 and there was a line out the door, and the business continued with no break for over an hour — there must be huge demand for lula’s treats.

first off, lula’s is just a super sweet old fashioned soda shop — very charming in an old world way with lots of glass jars and seltzer bottles filled with vegan and dairy-free treats like chocolates,  cookies, gummy bears and chocolate covered pretzels.   the cozy interior has a few stools and even a small counter which is great for some serious people watching as lula’s seems to attract people from around the city.  the vegan twist is quite the draw. on top of that the owners, who are often at lula’s, are extremely nice offering up tons of tastes and endless patience.


and while the ice cream there is just not for me (i tried really though it’s possible that maybe i just didn’t try the right flavors like the peanut butter fudge or the right bases as maybe coconut milk would have been better), our enthusiastic friend who discovered lula’s a few months ago  is completely addicted.  she has been making repeat trips, and even k who i could have sworn would have noticed the difference from regular ice cream was ecstatic with her mint chip cone.  and there are many others who find lula’s vegan ice cream absolutely delicious.  

lula’s ice creams are made with soy milk as well as coconut and different nut milks like cashew and sweetened with maple syrup or organic cane juice.  in addition to a rotating roster of ice cream flavors like root beer, carrot cake, pina colada, cake batter and coconut fudge,  lula’s also offers up shakes, floats, egg creams,hot fudge sundaes complete with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate sprinkles.   so maybe this spot is not for me, but i can think of quite a few rellies and friends who i would definitely bring over to the east village for some of the best non milk ice cream around.  lula’s sweet apothecary, 516 east 6th street between avenues a and b, manhattan, new york, 646.912.4549. note that they don’t open till 3 p.m. and are closed on mondays.

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