midsummer night swing: a new york dancing fest


running for more than 20 years, midsummer night swing is just a really super fun new york outing.  when j and i used to have a little bit more leisure time, we would often head over to lincoln center for an evening of polka or our favorite, swing.   and even though we couldn’t exactly make it through an entire sequence, despite our many many classes at the sandra cameron dance center, we did have a great time trying out those moves.  fortunately, no one was really watching us fake it so we could still enjoy being out under the stars (if we could only see them). 


midsummer night swing runs for five nights a week for three weeks, offering a wide range of music including swing, tango and soul among many others.  the night starts out with a one hour lesson, and then it’s hours of entertainment.  best of all, tickets are reasonably priced at $15 a person, so if you’re looking for a cheap date this is way better than starbucks.


tonight’s concert/dance party features the occidental brothers, an african dance band from chicago as well as samba mapangala & virunga, a band from east africa.  for ideas as to where to eat, and shop nearby if you have some time before the dancing begins, see my mini guide below.   midsummer night swing, damrosch park, southwest corner of the lincoln center plaza at 62nd street between columbus and amsterdam avenues,  tuesdays through saturday evenings, beginning at 6:30 p.m. for dance lessons, and 7:30 p.m. for live music, running through july 25, 2009.


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