crawford & doyle and corner bookstore: an upper east side reading concentration


i am happy to report that after months of not reading much at all — this is what happens when you work all day, feed the kids and put them to bed eventually, then spend the later evening hours glued to the computer — i have finally started to read again.  thanks to our little vacation, i managed to get through nearly two books.  not exactly a record, but for me at this time of my life pretty good.  and maybe not the most exciting ones (born round, a little too food obsessed, and now my life in france which is now making me really want a proper biography of julia child) but at least i was reading.


so now i have yet another excuse to go to a bookstore. well, actually, i never need an excuse as i always have a pile of books nearby that i should/could be reading, but sometimes i cannot help myself.  for basic bookstores, i have only a few real book shop loves in new york and with this post i might have listed them all (the other is three lives and i do like mcnally jackson and posman books for product but they don’t have much character). 

crawford doyle booksellers might be my all time favorite bookstore anywhere. it’s small. it’s well organized. it’s neither quaint nor modern. it has an incredible selection, and mostly i want to buy nearly every book they lay out on the table.  the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and i am just envious that they get to work at this fantastic shop.  it is also very well located for post or pre museum shopping.  the corner bookstore, also located on the upper east side though not as conveniently, is also quite lovely, especially for their children’s selection.  as with crawford doyle, they have great staff, amazing choices and it is somewhere i could easily spend an hour.


i guess it’s a good thing that brooklyn (at least south brooklyn — i have yet to visit word brooklyn in greenpoint so maybe that place will do it for me too) does not have such compelling book shops or i would easily spend oodles of money and maybe even read a bit more.   crawford doyle and the corner bookstore are excellent excellent places to visit.  crawford doyle booksellers, 1082 madison avenue between 81st and 82nd streets, 212.288.6300the corner bookstore, 1313 madison avenue between 92nd and 93rd streets, 212.831.3554. both in manhattan, new york.

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  1. margy says:

    I went to crawford and doyle on your recommendation and agree that it was fabulous, especially the very helpful staff.

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