motorino: naples has arrived in brooklyn


so no suprise, as a pretty diehard pizza fan, a friend and i decided that we needed to try out motorino out in williamsburg especially since it has been getting all sorts of rave reviews lately including an endorsement by mario batali on a tour conducted by grub street as one of the best of the new pizzerias in town.  early reviews from pizza fanatics also loved the place.  there also seems to be quite a bit of debate as to whether — of the newest pizza joints — if co. is better or not, and as i’ve not yet been to co. (though j. has and loved it) so i’ll have to reserve judgment. 


and while i don’t think that motorino is better than franny’s which is my current favorite, this neapolitan style pizza was very good.  i was especially impressed by the base tomato sauce that was so fresh and tangy and i could have just eaten that by itself.  the crust was definitely poofy (or is it poufy) and certainly fresh from that big wood burning oven at the center of motorino’s.  i had the mildly spicy pizza soppressata picante with tomato, fior di latte, spicy soppressata, garlic and chili oil,  and my friend opted for the brunch special which they called pizza al uovo with fior di latte, three farm eggs, pancetta, basil and parmiggiano which was also tasty but not quite pizza.  the specials looked very yummy including one with artichokes and another with brussel sprouts.  on another visit i would definitely like to try out some of the sides they offer at dinner such as the sugarsnap peas with garlic pecorino and toasted almonds.  the meal was also incredibly affordable with the brunch pizza clocking in at $10 with a drink, and my pizza was $12 so it’s definitely hard to complain.  if we ever end up in this underserved area of williamsburg again or have a pizza craving, motorino is a good deal.  motorino, 319 graham avenue at devoe street, brooklyn, new york, 718.599.8899.

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