catbird: a treasure trove of shiny, girly things

catbird bear

if you are in desperate need to get a girl or a mom you know a present, you really must get yourself to catbird, the super cute, super affordable, super thrilling little shop on bedford avenue in williamsburg.  sure it’s a tiny space, but this place has plenty to please the pickiest of your closest friends and relatives.

catbird lockets

first off, catbird has an excellent collection of all the hot, (mostly) local, and importantly affordable local designers.  there are these great lockets above, as well as plenty of earrings, rings, necklaces (including custom nameplates) and other bangles.  artists include digby & iona, yayoi forest, katrina lapenne, elisa solomon and max steiner.  the handmade rosettes by grindstaff were also pretty sweet.

catbird chandelier

catbird also carries a small selection of always useful and necessary women’s accessories like hats by tsuyumi and other knitted hats in shades blues, greys and brown plaids.  there were funky hard little coin purses that looked like they were made of wood but probably just leather in colors that popped. 

catbird octopus

catbird also has plenty of other decorative items including john derian plates, water bottles by shinzi katoh and seda candles from france as well as those great pom pom garlands above.  catbird also had some spider webs in glass by emil fiore out of new jersey. maybe not what you came looking for but it might do the trick.  lastly, stationery which is always close to my heart. not a big selection but what was there was perfect — mr. boddington, sycamore street press, apak studio and even some calendars by the wild unknown.  if you’re out in williamsburg, i highly recommend stopping by though their website is pretty easy to use too (i like the shop by story feature).  catbird, 219 bedford avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.599.3457.

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