brooklyn museum first saturdays: art dances on


i know, i know, we really should have gone by now. the brooklyn museum has been hosting 1st saturdays for several years now, and even though they are family friendly and we aren’t exactly booked most saturday nights we have never made our way over there for what seem like great events.   the lineup planned for tomorrow night looks great (as does most everything that they have done so far) so i think we really owe it to ourselves to make our way over to eastern parkway. 


the evening begins with the blue vipers of brooklyn (pictured above) playing swing for a couple of hours (something j and i have taken way too many lessons for at the great sandra cameron dance center and yet we still can only remember just a few steps but maybe this will help us brush up) and some fun kid and adult activities centered around the hernan bas exhibit (see below).  to finish up,  dj adrian michna will spin the sounds of miami bass. 


so now that i am determined to come to first saturdays, i have had to figure out some good places to eat and shop nearby which i have put together in my mini guide below.   the brooklyn museum of art, 200 eastern parkway at washington avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.638.5000.

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  1. Our friends in Prospect Heights once took us to Tom’s Restaurant, a charmingly-cluttered old diner. The food was simple, cheap and good. (Or maybe I crave Americana now too much when I’m back in the US).

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