glass shop: aussie style brew comes to brooklyn


my weekends with j are usually filled with some coffee quest.  since we’re in the middle of park slope, our 5-block radius leaves something to be desired in the coffee department so we are pretty willing to go out and try whatever is a little bit further away.  a few weeks ago, we made it to glass shop after an earlier attempt on memorial day when they were sadly not open. 

this small cafe, located just on the border between prospect heights and crown heights was a nice little surprise.   one of glass shop partner’s, australian francesco agostino, said that their emphasis is serving what they call australian style coffee, which seems to emphasize the milk-infused drinks (which is all good for me).  our cappuccinos, made using a la spaziale machine with la colombe torrefaction (the same great beans that café regular uses) were served in glasses sprinkled with a little cocoa on top.  they were quite tasty and rich, though maybe not up to café grumpy or abraço’s standards, but those are very high standards.  and now that cafe grumpy has opened on 7th avenue and 11th street that is definitely going to be a bit of a draw for us.


glass shop also has a small selection of pastries from nearby joyce bakeshop, and they make their own olive oil cakes which k loved, and sandwiches with bread from an oven that used to make the great creations for sullivan street bakery.  their sandwiches the day we were there included a sardine special, and j had a mozzarella and tomato that he said was quite good.  

the space was especially nice and low key.  glass shop is located in a former glass factory and has high ceilings and great lighting, and a communal table in the back.  they plan to open their garden sometime in the future, and for now there are a couple of spots out front to hang out.  so while i don’t consider glass shop a destination spot for coffee, if you are nearby, or even somewhat nearby, say at the brooklyn museum, the brooklyn botanic garden or the brooklyn children’s museum this is a very good place to stop by.  glass shop, 766 classon avenue between st. john and sterling place, brooklyn, new york.

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  1. Coffee (espresso, actually) is also my passion. Would love to get back to NYC to visit some of these places.

  2. Carola says:

    Coming from a town in which having coffee is almost a religion (we are the only ones in Spain that have at least 8 different names for coffee depending on how much or how little milk is added), when I moved to NY almost 10 years ago, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of coffee on the go… paper cup?? whaaaaat? Then, obviously, as I fell in love with the city that has adopted me, I got used to it and now I am one of those who walks around with her coffee (hot in winter, iced in summer), but I still miss the china cups, the shot-sized glasses and the excuse to sit in front of the Mediterranean to have a cup (or two) of coffee. Loved the picture of the coffee served in glass cups (got me sold). I will definitely make it a point to go from Carroll Gardens to this quaint coffee place. Thanks!!

  3. My friends and I are opening a new business, specifically a coffee shop, so I am online doing a bit of research. Reading your posts have give me some great things to think about, so thanks for the new ideas.

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