franny’s: the best in fresh


i’m not exactly breaking new ground here by reporting on franny’s, just  providing yet another confirmation of a really excellent italian restaurant — one where our super fussy friends from connecticut were even happy to have made the trek out here to the hinterlands.   their pizza of course is amazing — as has been noticed multiple times in multiple ways — and i am equally enamored of their various side dishes where they used fresh locally sourced ingredients.   

one of my favorite things over the last year has been their crostini with roasted garlic, and more recently i have had blood oranges with olives, parsley and extra virgin olive oil as well as a crostino with broccoli rabe and ricotta salata.  the side dishes vary frequently, and are always good and often great.  as for the pizzas, there is not much variation but each is super.  we tend to get the standard of buffalo mozzarella, garlic and extra virgin olive oil and maybe sometimes we’ll add a little sausage to the mix.

like al di la, franny’s requires that you have a lot of extra time to kill or that you go at the unbusy times.  they don’t take reservations and it’s small.  also, be wary of bringing small children as it’s not so good for those who cannot sit for extended periods of time (unless you’re going when it’s warm and can sit outside).  they are open from lunch onwards, so sometimes the middle of the day is the best bet for us.   and lucky for us brooklynites, the owners plan to open bklyn larder cheese and provisions across the street later this spring.  franny’s, 295 flatbush avenue between st. marks avenue and prospect place, brooklyn, new york, 718.230.0221.

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