interview: lina kulchinsky of sigmund pretzel shop

i do love my pretzels, and they are probably what i subsided on my first few years in new york post college. fortunately, my tastes have advanced since then and i’m quite bit pickier, and don’t often see good ones about, at least in a shop. so this fall i was pretty excited with the ones i had at the sigmund pretzel shop. delicious, chewy, with a faint taste of butter and some tasty sides too, these are pretzels i could eat often. and now i can, as signmund’s pretzel’s will be showing up at the flea every saturday — much easier for me to get to regularly than the east village.

the woman who created sigmund pretzel shop, lina kulchinsky, a former bouley pastry chef, is clearly a master with her dough. and she has happily shared with us a few of her favorite spots both for the little shopping she does do and for eating. i’m especially intrigued by cafe brown. anytime someone tells me not to give up their secret, i’m sure it’s got to be good. and breakfast is one of my very favorite meals. thanks again lina.


top places for clothes?

i love tokyo joe in the east village for “statement pieces” they sell designer clothes on consignment and they have my petite size always.

something fun for you?

i buy great discounted cookbooks at the strand – it is the biggest treat for me.

for basics?

cohen’s optical for contacts/frames.


for middle eastern?

i love bereket on houston and orchard – they have the best turkish food and the best lentil soup in town.

for asian?

ennju on 16th off broadway for a great japanese lunch (photo below). rai rai ken in the east village for awesome ramen and cold soba in summer.

with friends?

we go dancing at this tiny hip-hop spot on eldridge off houston called bob. warning – this is not for the tame at heart!

for drinks?

just discovered this cute place louis 649 on east 9th in village. really nice cocktails.

for treats?

i can eat a good doughnut anytime – falai on rivington is awesome. patisserie claude in the west village was my all time favorite – but claude has left and his apprentice is running the place now. i haven’t been since – but i hear good things…

for breakfast?

brown café on hester, right off essex. don’t tell anyone – it’s impossible to get into already. the best brunch/breakfast ever!

top comfort food?

wild mushroom soup, good crunchy saurkraut, potato/fried onion dumplings. i have to go to brighton beach in brooklyn, aka little russia to get those.

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