saipua: lovely scents in fresh and waxy forms


really, even before sarah ryhanen of saipua became a beloved guest blogger on design*sponge, i had been an ardent fan of this great store.  and now that we get to see more of sarah’s amazing personality through her weekly column  weeder’s digest (such a great name — i still cannot believe that my parents subscribed to the real reader’s digest for years, really years, so that i could read each and every issue – and they even got me those condensed books — how weird is that).  anyways, back to saipua. in addition to offering gorgeous flowers and arrangements, as well as a selection of candles and amazing smelling potpourri, the real attraction (for me at least) is the suds.  


saipua makes the best soaps with the most incredible scents like rose clove and lemon geranium.  they have a gardener’s soap made with rosemary and mint with a base of cornmeal to get the grime off and shea butter to keep your mitts smooth and silky.  and they are made from things like saltwater, avocado, coffee and peppermint and french green clay.  my apologies to friends and family if i have already given you a bunch of these soaps and you have received a second or third bundle.  while i do try to avoid repeat presents,  sometimes i get so excited by what i find here that i just think that these gifts would be perfect for any occassion.  hopefully you won’t mind too too much.  saipua, 392 van brunt street at dikeman street, 718.624.2929 (they’re usually open on weekends but not always during the week so call ahead).

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  2. jr says:

    i’m a great fan of their white grapefruit and bergamot.

  3. margy says:

    you can never have too much soap, especially the good stuff. and my grandparents used to subsrcibe to reader’s digest, too. i don’t remember reading any of the articles, but i did like those little quotes and jokes at the bottoms of the pages.

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