cafe grumpy: the greenpoint version is best

happy february everyone.   not the most exciting of months, but for me of all the winter months it is my favorite.  january is long, but it’s now over, and february usually goes by in a flash: our multiple anniversaries are tucked in here (we have the official day we got married before the judge, the actual wedding day and the day back in 1996), there is all the kid-related fun for valentine’s day (those little cards are cute, and i am always up for making the pinkest of cupcakes); and we even have a mini holiday.  it’s march that i really dread — cold, wet, and not even a glimpse of spring and to top it off it just seems to go on and on. 

so the best way to start off february is with a good coffee spot of course. we just got back from a great weekend in silver spring and washington, d.c. where we enjoyed a great, fluffy snowstorm and the kids got to play outside in a yard without much supervision — heaven.   for me, my version of heaven might be a day spent out at café grumpy in greenpoint.   the shop itself is not much to look at –  a little dull, really, but not as cramped and crowded as a place like gorilla.  located out in what feels like the middle of nowhere, this place has zero new york attitude (a bit different from café regular) and lots of space with great natural light.   café grumpy is meant for parking your computer and just hanging out for hours.

the coffee’s pretty darn good too, up at the top of the new york city spectrum with the best of the best.  the flavor is a little on the more bitter side, more like gorilla, less like regular. i do think they could work on their foam skills and it is so time to stop making those hearts. the greenpoint location is also where they do all their roasting so fresh beans can be had. my only wish, which is frequent when it comes to coffee places, is that they please upgrade their treats.  cafe grumpyalso has chelsea and park slope locations, but i totally prefer the greenpoint spot for hanging out purposes.  café grumpy, 193 meserole avenue at diamond street, 718.349.7623; 383 7th avenue between 11th and 12th streets , 718.499.4404; both in brooklyn, and 224 west 20th street between 7th and 8th avenues, manhattan, 212.255.5511.

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