sub no. 7: sandwich delight

i seem to keep passing by my old office haunt on broadway and 26th street, and it’s a good thing too since there a few very good reasons to hang out at the ace hotel including  the no. 7 sub.  and yes, this is no big news for those of you reading all the food news out there, but i had been worried that this teeny, tiny place would be mobbed and so i wouldn’t get to check it out.  fortunately, for some reason if you come super early (they open at 11:30 a.m.) or after the lunch crowds (2 p.m. and onwards should do it), then you will be in for a very very nice sandwich with no line at all.   so far, i’ve only test run two no. 7 options. while both were excellent combinations — amazing soft delicious rolls, very high quality ingredients and stand-out flavors — my favorite was the roast beef.   layered with pickled endive and raw horseradish giving the sandwich some zing, the beef was nice and pink (and so very tender), and the fried– still warm –  scallions made the whole thing pop.  the other one i tried was the salami with bok choy and rice krispies.  since i ate this about an hour later, it got a little bit squashed even though it was still pretty addictive (no more crackles though).

i am quite ready to hop by no. 7 sub very soon again.  they have some great, appealing, veggie options like the eggplant parm with fontina, yellow squash, barbecue sauce and pickled jalapenos, and also the general tso’s tofu with pickled rhubarb and roasted garlic.  and i think for the fall i might crave the  the lamb meatloaf with curried crema.  as a nice surprise, in addition to decent chips, no. 7 sub had a very addictive half moon cookie — basically a moon pie undone. it looks like a black and white but it was so much more delicate.   for my return visit, my only request is that  the shop offer a 1/2 size option — that full size sub, while not enormous, was too much for me.   no 7 sub, 1188 broadway between 28th and 29th streets, manhattan, new york, 212.532.1680.

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