westminster dog show: for the canine obsessed

sometimes when i look at this dog, i don’t think i am entirely crazy for bringing her into our lives (especially when i get that all important eye contact) but most of the time i don’t know what i was thinking.  i grew up with dogs but i totally do not remember taking care of a puppy (my mother definitely did all the work on that one), and so i don’t remember the loud whining, the constant nipping, and the fun and games with the house training.  while i’m seeing glimmers of what will hopefully be a loving, mellow dog, she is far from that these days. 

once we can bring her outside (only 6 days to go), i think we will all be much happier as she can at least expend some energy on a walk rather than us trying to entice her to run up and down our hall.  this is where i do miss having that big old suburban house and private yard (we cannot bring her outside in new york until she has all her shots  — why didn’t anyone explain that to me i wonder?). 

if you are one of those people that likes dogs, and you don’t mind seeing them on display, the 134th westminster dog show is coming up next week.   not exactly the most relaxed atmosphere, but the event is fun and very very entertaining if you find poofed out pups amusing.   if you want to just enjoy from your computer, there are tons of videos  from last year’s event to keep you semi engaged for hours. 

i’m not really a fan of the fancy poodle look but i did have fun when i went to the show a number of years ago.  all the dog handlers definitely seem like they came from best in show, or maybe it’s the reverse.  for some ideas as to where to eat and maybe even do some random shopping near madison square garden, here’s a mini guide i did last fall for the neighborhood.   westminster dog show, february 15th and 16th, madison square garden, 8th avenue and 31st street, manhattan, new york.

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  1. eg says:

    La — She’s so cute. Glad things are getting better.


  2. margy says:

    She’s adorable! And they’re always cutest when they’re sleeping, aren’t they?

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