sweetleaf cafe: a stumptown oasis in queens

happy 2010 everyone! i hope you all had a great holiday. ours was good and even semi-relaxing if that can ever be true with a newly minted 3-year old (with a new year’s eve birthday) and a 6-year old. we spent the week with my family in salt lake city with lots and lots of snow, some skiing at park city and brighton and tons of swimming at the mini hotel pool which might have been the highlight for the kids.    

it’s been a whole year since my very first post on cherrypatter. thanks so much to all of you for reading and being part of my blog life.  the blog has been the impetus for many family adventures (i always have an agenda on our weekends) and not even that much complaining from the hubby other than the fact that he doesn’t get to go to some of his favorite spots as often as he’d like (we did venture to prime meats for brunch just after christmas and that was a treat — more eggs, great service, and the most fantastic pretzels when they’re hot dipped in salted butter).  i have promised him we can go to café gitane again very very soon. 

so to kick off 2010, i think i might have to start a coffee tradition. my very first post last year was on southside coffee which is still one of my very all time faves for coffee in new york city.  this fall, we ventured out to long island city and with the help of a queens native i discovered sweetleaf cafe. such a great cozy spot located in a still quite industrial seeming neighborhood, sweetleaf was a great little find. the owner was super friendly and the stumptown coffee was good.  we had hoped to eat at nearby sage general store but for some random reason they were closed and we ended up at a very very busy but sadly very mediocre french spot.  so discovering sweetleaf afterwards was heaven.  sweetleaf cafe, 10-93 jackson avenue at the corner of 48th avenue, queens, new york, 917.832.6727.

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