mini guide: a food feast outside the us open


so the williams sisters are back in the us open finals for the first time since 1999, and if they win they will have their 10th grand slam title.  they have a ways to go to beat martina navratilova’s record but it’s not bad given how infrequently they seem to play doubles (their record so far is 9-0).  


so if you do want to head out to the us open tennis center, you definitely can find food there and it’s fine. plenty of reviews here, here, here and here.   but i would highly recommend eating either before or after and checking out amazing asian spots nearby as well as a few other kinds of food.  most of these places require some travel to get there — but it’s worth it.

my personal food experience out in queens is way too limited, so these are mostly the ideas that popped out from research and i thought it would be helpful to have them all in one place.  you can see more of these kinds of roundups from and several threads at chowhound and serious eats.  i’ve decided to forgo shopping ideas for now.  not sure how much great shopping there is to really get in flushing so maybe for another post. 


dim sum:

  • gala manor: supposed to be pretty good and a bonus is that it opens at 9 a.m. 37-02 main street , queens, new york, 718.888.9232.
  • jade asian: another supposedly good dim sum place. 136-28 39th avenue, queens, new york, 718.762.8821.

other asian:

  • sripraphai:  this is my favorite thai place in all of new york. just be sure to go with some adventuresome eaters.  64-13 39th avenue, queens, new york, 718.899.9599
  • spicy & tasty: supposed to have excellent sichuan food.  39-07 prince street, queens, new york, 718.359.1601.
  • xi’an famous foods: known for their lamb burgers. golden shopping mall, 41-28 main street, basement #36, queens, new york, 718.885.7788.
  • white bear: supposed to be a dumpling spot.  135-02 roosevelt avenue, #5, queens, new york, 718.961.2322.

other ideas:

  • donovan’s pub: many seem to be obsessed with their burgers. 57-24 roosevelt avenue at 58th street, queens, new york, 718.429.9339.
  • la esquina criolla: argentinian place supposed to be known for their skirt steaks. a bit further away. 94-67 corona avenue, queens, new york, 718.699.5579.
  • tortas neza taco truck: the village voice did a pretty good rundown on taco trucks. it’s a bit dated but still might be useful.  roosevelt avenue between 111th and 112th streets, queens, new york.
  • mama’s: great heros. serious eats recommends the roast turkey hero with mozzarella and gravy.  46-02 104th street, queens, new york, 718.898.6069.

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  1. galugo says:

    I felt bad for Venus when Pam Shriver chastised her for making the semi-final doubles match last two and a half hours when Serena needed to conserve her energy for her match against Clijsters. Pam said that she often felt bad in those situations when playing with Martina. No disrespect, Pam, but Venus is not analogous to you. You made one Grand Slam singles final and were clearly second banana to Martina on your doubles team.

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