us open: a tennis lover’s heaven


when i was growing up i was obsessed with tennis and i watched all the major tournaments on t.v. for hours.  and so the us open was a particularly amazing thing for me, especially when i first got to go there in person after moving to new york.  i couldn’t believe you just got on the subway and in 30 minutes or so you were there.  while i have taken the us open more for granted the longer we’ve been here (and we don’t get to go as often as it is not exactly a little kid kind of activity), it is still definitely a draw and when we can we try to make our way out to queens for some of that tennis magic.   


and i don’t pretend to be an expert on the tennis scene these days.   my memories are stuck way back in the ’70s and ’80s.  but as far as i can tell, there may still be some remaining great matches this weekend.  rafael nadal is supposed to finish off his semi-final match today if the weather clears up, and if he wins he’ll be up against roger federer again.  on the women’s side of things, serena williams is still in there, and her semi-finals match against kim clijsters today might be the perfect one to watch today.   and in case you can’t make it, this audio slideshow from the new york times gives some on the ground grunting from serena — just in case you were missing monica seles.

regardless of who is playing, the us open tennis center is a great outdoor setting especially if the sun actually comes out.   my favorite thing to do is to get tickets for the weekend before the finals and just watch some of the lesser known players.  you can go in and out of the courts easily, and it is also much much cheaper.  getting tickets for these big games can definitely be a burden.   and going out to the us open tennis center is really just another excuse to explore all that amazing food in queens right near there which i’ve laid out some of the ideas in the post belowus open tennis center, take the number 7 train to the mets-willets point station in queens, new york. more detailed directions are here.

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  1. galugo says:

    Okay, I’m a tennis geek, too, so I will point out that Rafa is trying to finish up his quarterfinal and would still need to get by Del Potro to get to the final, where either Federer or Djokovic would be waiting. Count me in that small minority who does not go gaga for Roger.

  2. cherrypatter says:

    i knew i would be lucky enough for you to give me some up to date tennis insights especially as i am way too out of it these days. you are the one i can count on for the inside tennis scoop!

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