metal and thread: where local artists shine

i can’t stay away from this awesome stretch of van brunt for long, and now with the weather getting warmer we’ll be out in this neck of the woods nearly every weekend we’re in town to take advantage of my very favorite pool once it opens.   while i’ve covered nearly every shop on these two short blocks, i had missed metal and thread, and although it has been around for nearly 2 years, i first stepped in this past christmas on a hunt for some excellent hubby stocking stuffers — and they delivered.

the collection at metal and thread is eclectic. the bulk of the shop is jewelry — some vintage but lots from local artists.  tons of affordable, and interesting rings  including pieces like a bold stainless steel dome for $55, stainless steel mesh designed by one of the owners derek dominy, wood grain rings by katrina balling for $60 to $120 or the more fun hand forged puzzle rings by blacksmith marsha trattnermetal and thread had tiny, simple cuff links made out of leather and little ball earrings. and for those who are more bold, there were large necklaces made out of wire mesh gloriously oversized turquoise nuggets.  vintage pieces included an arts and craft inspired bracelet copper from the 1940s for $185, and a hand carved bone fan.

i also really liked some of the metal furniture created by the owners of metal and thread denise carbonell and derek.   there was a vintage butcher block table with these curly iron legs for $625 or a smaller steel table with a customized patina top for $265.  and for decorating the walls, there were some art pieces scattered throughout including painted hands and black textiles by denise campbell.  metal and thread is a good very affordable destination for father’s day prezzies or just a little addition to the art collection.   metal and thread, 398 van brunt street between, brooklyn, new york, 718.414.9651.

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  1. thank you so very much for such a lovely piece on our shop…we really appreciate your sensitivity and insight into what we are trying to put forth….!

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