stem: a beautiful burst of color

i discovered stem from thistle & clover, a fairly new shop in fort greene, and i’m sure glad i did.  stem might be my latest flower shop obsession.  the place is not too big, but what they have out is not your garden variety deli fare.  their flowers are usually stunning, and i’d be happy with just a couple of stems every once in a while.  currently in shop are mimosas, lilys of the valley, white french tulips, water lilys, pincushion proteas and tweedias. 

for my birthday this december, j branched out from his usual root stock & quade arrangement (which i have always loved but change is good), and got a spectacular little bundle from stem.  that sure made my birthday weekend nice and festive.  good choice!!!!  hmmm, we have an anniversary coming up so maybe i can persuade him to indulge me again (and he is my on again, off again spellchecker as if you didn’t know).

stem also has a few gifty things. i was particularly enamored with these amazing handmade quilts made by a local designer (deborah kellogg — not sure of her spelling). i have been wanting to move to the quilt route in the summers, and i think i have found the way to do that.  stem also carries a few other odds and ends for kids and other random gifts but really the main reason to come here is for the gorgeous flowers.  stem, 112 s. oxford street between lafayette and fulton streets, brooklyn, new york, 718.722.4767 or email at stemfg [at]

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