lan zhou handmade noodle: a great winter pick-me-up

lan zhou sign

for the best noodle soup i have had so far in new york, i would head straight to lan zhou handmade noodle.  no atmosphere, but the fresh noodles are excellent. pulled right there of course (very entertaining), and they are chewy and just a little fatter than spaghetti.  the broth and the green veggies they put in there are also excellent. super flavorful, hearty, with just the right seasonings for the dish to be perfect just the way it is. the lan zhou soup was so steamy it was hard to get a clear picture of it (sorry) but we didn’t want to wait till it cooled down.   we had also ordered some beef and pork which i would not recommend.  the meat’s a little scary looking and taste-wise it really doesn’t add much to the meal.  

lan zhou soup

we also tried some of lan zhou’s dumplings, but as we had just been to prosperity dumplings so they really didn’t hold up (not fresh enough and the filling was not as delicious) to the competition.     this winter, lan zhou is a must visit spot for filling, spot-on extremely affordable soup (i definitely liked it better than the lan zhou handpull noodles in sunset park — i don’t think they’re related).    a bit out of the way in the eastern section of chinatown, but worth it.   lan zhou handmade noodle, 144 east broadway between pike and rutgers street, manhattan, new york, 212.566.6933. 

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  1. Carola says:

    So funny. I just went to this spot a couple of weeks ago, which was recommended to me by my cousin. Loved the noodles and the soup and it brought me back to night-market food stands in Taipei long time ago.

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