doughnut plant: churros anyone?


 for anyone who follows the new york donut scene even a little bit, the doughnut plant does not exactly need an introduction. having been around since 1994, mostly known for their super large yeast and cake donuts in all sorts of interesting flavors like vanilla bean, creme brulee, valrhona chocolate and cashew as well as square jelly donuts with the jam spread throughout the sides.    and while i like those donuts on the rare occasion, i often find they are too heavy for me (really, it’s true). 


however, i visited recently after an inspiring post by blondie and brownie where they reported on the tasty looking churros.  and while the doughnut plant did not have the ones that blondie and brownie raved about — the ones filled with cajetas and sugar, and that were even more recently swooned over in serious eats – they did have the regular plain churros (pictured at top).  and i found that they were superb.  contrary to serious eats’ visit, the churros were not at all dry or bland, but in fact were super crispy, chewy (in all the right ways) and contained a lovely amount of doughiness. 

according to doughnut plant’s website, they have been making churros for more than 10 years but somehow i had completely missed them and never saw them at one of their many outposts.  but starting now, i will be on the look out or maybe they don’t transport well so they just stay at the main shop and so i will just have to trek over to their not quite convenient location a little more frequently.  doughnut plant, 379 grand street between essex and norfolk streets, manhattan, new york, 212.505.3700.

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