the vanderbilt: snack central

we’ve had quite a week with the puppy who was going bonkers inside when she finally got to walk outside on wednesday.  while we were thrilled with a way to burn her incredible energy, it  also meant rehousetraining her, and that has been exhausting and let’s just say messy.  happily, i think we can report that thanks to j. carrying her out every 30 minutes on friday night till 2 a.m. she seems, fingers crossed, to get the idea.  this has all made our lives much easier, especially because post walk she does all those things i hoped a dog would do at home like sleep calmly for hours, and stopped the incessant barking (neighbors are pleased).  this weekend i felt like we turned a corner, and maybe we’re getting our little family back on track again — yahoo!  

to start the week, i thought i would share our latest local bar spot.   if you are in brooklyn, are staying up late, want a drink and some tasty snacks, i’d send you right over to the vanderbilt, the relatively newish spot in prospect heights serving mostly tapas style dishes with a variety of influences.   the clear winner was the brussel spouts with sriracha sauce, lime and honey.  i do love my sprouts and these were exceptional — tender, crisp and spicy and incredibly addictive.   the glazed lamb ribs served with ultra creamy polenta were in the runner up category, maybe tied with the serrano ham croquets. other dishes were fine, but not outstanding like the blistered shishito peppers (no where near as fresh and puffed up as those at tia pol), and warm spiced doughnuts which were bland and too cakey instead of puffs of fried dough. 

as has been widely reported, the vanderbilt is the  latest venture from the folks behind saul– one of the few brooklyn restaurants with a michelin designation.  they’ve done an especially nice job with the design of the vanderbilt, modern and contemporary in a warm way with lots of woods and metals — the front room is especially attractive, and i recommend trying to sit there. the scene is also fun — lively, relaxed with some good basic drinks (don’t go for anything too fancy).   i tried to catch some of the  great ambiance in my photo, but i think i need a little more training in the photography department, and if only those girls would have cooperated for me!  the vanderbilt is the place to go if you’re in brooklyn, and hungry for a little something, but i wouldn’t venture far to get there, and it definitely helps if you’re under 30.  the vanderbilt, 570 vanderbilt avenue near bergen street, brooklyn, new york, 718.623.0570.

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