saraghina: a very pleasant pizza adventure


as i’ve mentioned before, our family has this pizza friday tradition.  while sometimes it has to be local (and last friday i endured two boots which while extremely family friendly really leaves something to be desired in the taste department), we try to make a bit of trek out of it both for better pizza and for adventure.   with all the press around saraghina this summer (here, here and here), we had to make our way out to bed-stuy to see for ourselves.

and we were very pleasantly surprised.  while maybe not as wonderful as roberta’s, saraghina’s atmosphere is pretty close.  the very warm design using lots of recycled materials and great mixes of woods and metals was very appealing.  saraghina also has a great backyard which in some ways feels like a mishmash that somehow comes together into an attractive space.  our kids were endlessly fascinated with the ladders overhead, the huge toy fire truck and the big piles of stuff. 


back to the neapolitano pizza, which was definitely in the very good category.  worth a huge trip on its own? probably not. but combined with the great ambiance, extremely lovely service and the potential for a really good meal, saraghina’s definitely worth a visit every now and then. we’ve had the margherita served with mozzarella di bufala a few times. very tasty.  i also had the capocollo which was my favorite covered with these  curly and salty ham strips which contrasted well with the tomato sauce. i wasn’t crazy about saraghina’s crust which was a bit too soft in the middle for me but that could just be my issue with neapolitano in general.  other saraghina pizzas have included the ortolana (eggplant and zucchini which many have said is too soggy and bland) and one with prosciutto and funghi. 

in addition to pizza, saraghina has a constantly rotating list of appetizers and other goodies. on the night we were there, we had the panzanella salad which was nothing special, and they also had on offer a fennel salad with shaved parmesan as well as a grilled octopus salad. both of those looked mighty tasty.  a pasta dish that our neighbors had also looked excellent.


and on our first visit to saraghina earlier this summer they didn’t have alcohol, but during our more recent trip beer was on offer so i’m guessing their liquor license is in order.  saraghina is all cash so come prepared but you don’t have to bring much as everything is super reasonably priced (most pies are between $13 and $15). and with all the news about how up and coming bedford-stuyvesant is and how it didn’t suffer so much during this latest economic downturn, saraghina will be a good place to have on the radar.   saraghina, 435 halsey street near lewis avenue, brooklyn, new york, 718.574.1988.

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