urban angler: a fly fisherman’s dream spot (in the middle of manhattan)


i admit that i know absolutely nothing about fishing, and that frankly, the sport holds little appeal for me (too much sitting around doing what i would feel like is doing nothing) but my goal of this blog is to highlight the great shops around town and that means not just what i like to shop for but what others might need and want.  and given that it really is officially summer, and it is finally finally supposed to warm and hot and most likely mugging, i am guessing that fishing might be on the agenda for a few of you (and of course the equipment seems to be a great for some fun photos).


for anyone who loves fly fishing, urban angler is the perfect shop. located next to one of my all time favorite parks — madison square park — which has my beloved shake shack.   urban angler, which has another store in arlington, virginia, carries everything any fly fisherman would ever need starting with all sorts of fly rods from the best selling sage as well as g. loomis, winston and loop.  and apparently, fly fishing require some financial dedication as well as these rods range in price from $285 all the way up to $985 (that better be some good fishing).  urban angler also has plenty of fly reels.  in addition to sage, g. loomis and loop, urban angler carries reels from abel, tibor, lamson and ross.  they carry plenty of different flyl lines as well as freshwater flies (for the trout and bass) and saltwater flies (striped bass, blue fish and bone fish).

urban angler’s clothes are mostly from patagonia and simms and include super light weight shorts, pants and shirts that dry fast and are vented, gortex wading jackets, fleece underwear.   other accessories include hats and sunglasses (action optics and maui jim) as well as dvds and books dedicated of course to the topic of fly fishing.


lastly, urban angler also offers a guide service where they’ll hook you up with a guide to take you on the best fishing trip ever.  some of their popular nearby locations include jamaica bay out near breezy point, the hamptons and especially montauk for salt water fishing, and fresh water spots include the catskills and long island.  all this gear is enough to maybe hope that someone in my circle will want to go fishing just so i can go help them get outfitted right here in manhattan.  urban angler, 206 5th avenue, 3rd floor, between 25th and 26th streets, manhattan, new york, 212.689.6400.

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