greenwich letterpress: where paper wishes come true


we just came back from a super two-week family vacation in paris and london (it’s rough when you need to visit the rellies) – and yes, it is possible to visit paris with kids under six but be sure to have a dinner back up plan (prepared foods at bon marché were not ideal but not bad either) and be open to spending plenty of time at the luxembourg gardens.   so as we readjust to life in new york, i am missing lots of things: our luxurious days of waking up late, easily finding croissants better than any we can find in brooklyn (i still don’t understand why it is so hard to replicate those pastries), roaming beautiful streets, visiting  the rodin museum but spending most of our time there chasing children through the hedges, climbing on the lions at trafalgar square, and even managing an outstanding meal with the whole family in tow at petersham nurseries.  


and now that we’re back, we’re in the thick of work, coordinating playdates, doctors visits and afterschool activities, making shopping lists,  and of course making sure the fridge has enough milk.   as we make our reentry to our regular life, it is nice to have a few reminders that new york can be just as enticing as the cities we just left (though it does help to be on holiday).   one place that gives me that little “new york can be so great” feeling is greenwich letterpress.  i cannot believe that  i had never visited this fantastic shop before.  the store has the most amazing, well-edited selection of paper  and associated stuff that i have seen in one place in a long long time.   each item has clearly been chosen carefully and include all sorts of irrestible treasures –  cute packaging tape covered with farm animals, unique pencil boxes made from vintage yardsticks by perpetually yours co. (pictured below), wood block sets with birds, butterflies and the acquatic life (pictured above), and i was especially entranced by the cake toppers by the small object (also pictured below).


greenwich letterpress offers beautiful handmade letterpress stationery made using 75-year old heidelberg presses that use metal plates on the most luxurious papers (and when someday this blog stikes it rich i’ll be back for my fancy pants business cards).    in addition to their own line of retro-modern card designs, greenwich letterpress also stocks many of the wonderful independent stationers including stationery seltzer, superfine letterpress and pancake and franks.   i feel bad i wasn’t able to show more of their designs here but definitely go to their etsy shop to see their work.


on top of all that, greenwich letterpress is owned and operated by two sisters, and i had the very good fortune to meet one of them and she couldn’t have been lovelier.  greenwich letterpress is a real keeper, and i think i might have to come by periodically just to be reminded about how great new york can be.  greenwich letterpress, 39 christopher street between waverly place and 7th avenue, manhattan, new york, 212.989.7474.

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  1. eg says:

    I love Petersham Nurseries! Beautiful setting and yummy food. Did you go to Richmond Park?

  2. cherrypatter says:

    yes, it was really really great. and of course we had to check out richmond park afterwards. the kids went crazy at that playground.

  3. beth says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…this post is lovely. It was also a pleasure to meet you! FYI: crayon rocks are in!!!

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